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Board and Constitution

Bellarine Community Health Ltd is registered under the Corporations Act 2001 as a Company Limited by Guarantee and is governed by a board of directors. The Board appoints the chief executive officer and supports this role in managing the organisation.

The Board of Directors are responsible for the organisation’s policies and objectives, as well as the strategic focus implemented by the Chief Executive Officer and staff.

The role of the Board of Directors is to:

  • Govern the service;
  • Determine strategic direction and organisation policy;
  • Conduct the finance subcommittee and quality and safety subcommittee;
  • Approve financial objectives, performance and plans; and
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements and standards of performance.

Board directors are voluntary positions with no fees or salaries paid. Board directors are free from any interest, business or other relationship which could, or reasonably be perceived to, materially interfere with the director’s ability to act in the best interests of the organisation. 

Board directors are responsible for make decisions that are in the best interests of enabling the service to balance competing community health needs and continually improve the provision and accessibility of high quality affordable health care for everyone.  

Membership of the Board of Directors is by nomination and election. Bellarine Community Health Ltd. has its own constitution.


Current Board members

Ms Hazel Ingram - Chair
Mr Doug Grant - Deputy Chair
Mr Graeme Smith - Treasurer
Mrs Veronica Philp
Ms Kristina Dimasi
Mr Jim Fletcher
Ms Marion Westrup
Ms Margaret Belfrage
Mr Damon Burn


Meetings and Sub-Committees

The Board of Directors meet monthly with additional meetings scheduled according to operational or strategic planning requirements. The Board has established a number of committees including the Finance and Audit Sub Committee and Quality and Safety Subcommittee for considering detailed issues and making recommendations to the Board.

The Board also oversee two community advisory groups. The Health and Wellbeing Fund Community Advisory Committee who administer the Health and Wellbeing Fund Community Grants Program and the Consumer and Community Advisory Group.


Become a Member

People living or working in the area serviced by Bellarine Community Health can apply to become a financial or associate member. Members should have an interest in supporting the aims and services of Bellarine Community Health and be willing to understand the complexities of providing health services to meet a broad suite of community needs. 

Financial member have the right to attend, be heard and vote at any General Meeting (BCH Constitution sect 4.5.3). Associate Members do not have voting rights, but can attend meetings. Financial membership if $2.00 per annum.

Download BCH Membership Application Form


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Board Vacancies

Board Directors are elected for a three year term. Members of the community with an interest in healthcare provision on the Bellarine are encouraged to apply for Board of Director vacancies as they arise. 

Potential applicants should have:

  • Knowledge, expertise and influence relevant to the operation of the health service;
  • An ability to look beyond the needs of the individual to work towards the advancement of health for all people on the Bellarine; and
  • Board directors may be required to serve on one or more sub-committees or working parties.

To discuss opportunities, contact Bellarine Community Health.


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