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The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services sets an income dependent scale of fees for people to use our healthcare services. The cost of our public dental services is set by the Department of Human Services through Dental Health Services Victoria. For Dental fees and fee waiver eligability please refer to the Dental tab under services and check the relevant age category.

You will not be refused service because you cannot afford to pay.  We have options to reduce or waive fees if you will have difficulty paying the fee and that this is prevent you attending a service. Fee reduction is at the discretion of Bellarine Community Health and requires completion of a form. You can ask for your fees to be reassessed at any time.

Fees for health and dental services are calculated on your income (before tax) and your ability to pay.

NO fee applies for the following clients:

  • Financial dependent children in the low income category
  • Services to young people (12-25 years) (Some Dental fees may apply)
  • Aboriginal Torres Strait Islanders
  • Homeless people
  • Refugees

People who have high use of one or more service will have total fees capped at the cost of four visits/consultations per fortnight.

Updated 07/11/2016

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