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Healthy Communities Team

The Healthy Communities Team works with the community to prevent people from becoming ill. This is called health promotion. Our team focuses on creating towns that make it easy to be healthy. 

We work across the entire Bellarine Peninsula. There is a special focus on Portarlington, Indented Head and St Leonards, where health needs are greatest.  

Our projects involve making it easier for everyone to walk, cycle and eat well. 


Eating Well

Eating well keeps us healthy.  Many people find it hard to eat well because of:

  • The high price of food
  • Not many food shops
  • Transport problems
  • Money worries.

To make it easier to eat well, we are working with others on projects like:

  • St Leonards Primary School Breakfast Program
  • Portarlington Food Assistance Program
  • Food Swaps
  • Port Produce Market.


Easy Walking and Cycling 

Being active keeps us healthy. We are working toward making it easier for everyone to walk and cycle to places such as school, the shops or the bus stop.

To make it easier to walk and bike ride, we’re working with others on projects like:

  • The Bellarine Belle’s women’s bike riding group
  • No Fuss Bus program (teaching people how to use public transport)
  • On Your Bike program (free second hand bikes)
  • Better  footpaths, bike paths and public transport to make it easier, safer and more enjoyable to get around without a car


Healthy Places

We work with childcare settings, kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools across the Bellarine Peninsula to help make them healthy places for our children and young people. 

This involves making changes and meeting the benchmarks of the Healthy Together Victoria Achievement Program.We are working toward this goal for our workplace too.


Contact Us

For further information regarding the Healthy Communities Team Phone 5258 6140 or email


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