Community Participation


Community Participation

At Bellarine Community Health, we practice Person and Family Centred Care because we see better health results when people are supported to participate in decisions about their care or treatment.

We also believe that we get a better health service when the community are invited to tell us what works and what doesn’t, where there are gaps in the service and where there are opportunities to do things better. 

We call these practices consumer and community participation. These practices enable us to:

  • better plan, design and deliver services that meet user needs
  • gather feedback about service delivery
  • monitor the quality of our services.

There are many ways you can get involved in your local community health service, from being a member on the Board of Directors, by volunteering or providing feedback on your experience when visiting or working with Bellarine Community Health.

Other opportunities include:

Consumer and Community Advisory Group

The Consumer and Community Advisory Group (CCAG) provides client, carer or community ideas to support better planning and delivery of our community health services.

The CCAG is made up of people who use BCH services, have a strong understanding of health needs in our community or have professional experience in health promotion or community engagement. The CCAG meets monthly and is currently chaired Pat Crotty.

There are currently eight members of the CCAG: Pat Crotty, Merrilyn Lloyd, Tracey Mitchell, Von Philp, Anne Brackley, Peter Coghlan, Jacqui Pierce, Sue Wasterval and Vanda Fear. If you are interested in joining this great and thoughtful group, please contact us for more information.


Client, Carer and Community Registry

The Client, Carer and Community (CCC) registry is a database of service users or community members who want to get involved but don't want to be on a formal committee. 

People on the consumer register can choose how often they want to be involved and the topics they want to be contacted about, such as:

    • Developing and reviewing patient information publications
    • Reviewing safety and quality performance and developing improvements
    • Training staff around client and carer needs
    • Reviewing patient feedback

Client, Carer and Community Representatives

Client, Carer and Community (CCC)  Representatives are a way to integrate client, carer and community views into the organisation’s strategic discussion and decision making via a formal committees or a project groups.

Bellarine Community Health has CCC representative positions on the Board Quality and Safety Committee and the Operational Quality and Safety Committee.

The CCC representative does not need to have special skills and is not expected to represent all CCC needs.  Their expertise is in bringing their own experience or fresh perspectives to support discussion and decision making to consider consumer needs. The CCC representative is not appointed to represent a single interest or organisation. 

Community Partnerships

Many different factors affect our health. Working in partnership with community groups and organisations means we can share expertise, skills and resources.

Bellarine Community Health proudly works with a number of local community groups, networks and organisations to support better health care and a healthier community on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Contact Us
To find out more about any of these activities or how you can get involved, please contact the Community Engagement Planner on (03) 5258 6140 or email