BCH staff put their best feet forward

BCH staff put their best feet forward

You may have noticed a lot of people wearing runners and pounding the streets around the various Bellarine Community Health sites in the last few weeks.
Almost 80 staff and volunteers have signed up to the Global Corporate Challenge, a team based activity challenge which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of participants.
“This is a world wide challenge where teams work and support each other to complete the most activity in 100 days,” says BCH team coordinator Leanne McFarlane.
“The Challenge aims to motivate and educate participants about being active, and provide an avenue for friendly competition within our organisation as well as against other teams around the world.”
So far Bellarine Community Health staff and volunteers have clocked up an incredible number of steps. They have walked, swum or cycled the equivalent of more than 30 million steps; averaging almost 12 and a half thousand steps per day.
Staff spend lunch breaks pounding the pavement and even organise walks together outside of work hours to increase their weekly totals.
“On most days you can see people putting on their runners and going for a walk at lunch time which is just fantastic,” says Ms McFarlane. “The added bonus is people that usually don’t work together or see each other at work have been able to connect and support each other in a fun and active way”.
The 100 day Global Corporate Challenge will finish in September and who knows how many steps the Staff and Volunteers at Bellarine Community Health will have achieved by then!

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