Community Statement Regarding Palliative Care Services

Community Statement Regarding Palliative Care Services

As CEO of Bellarine Community Health I wish to apologise on behalf of the Board, management and staff for any distress, difficulties or misunderstanding regarding changes to Palliative Care Services at Bellarine Community Health. 

The service we provide to people at the end of life stage is very important and precious to Bellarine Community Health, however due to on-going staffing circumstances we had to temporarily suspend the overnight on-call nurse service. 

Bellarine Community Health has notified it clients to inform them that the on-call nurse service has been reinstated and we are continuing to work to resolve our staffing issues.

Bellarine Community Health wanted to be transparent and open with our clients and let them know that we had been unable to fully support and staff the on-call service. We felt that it was more reassuring for clients to have clarity around what we were capable of staffing.

Caritas Christi provides a high quality on call service and this has always been an integral part of the overall Palliative Care service in addition to the after-hours nurse arrangements. We want to reassure clients and the community that our priority is to ensure the highest quality health care is facilitated.  

As the newly appointed CEO at Bellarine Community Health I will be establishing immediately the Bellarine Community Health Palliative Care Advisory Committee.

The purpose of the Committee will be to identify current gaps in the coordination, integration, and delivery of Palliative Care service. In addition, the Committee will advocate, and provide recommendations for system improvement resulting in equitable, accessible, high quality Palliative Care to the Bellarine Community.

The membership will be drawn from community including health professionals, clients, families, volunteers and staff.

The critical lesson that has been learnt by us all is that Bellarine Community Health must engage with our community and we’re asking for the community to join with us in developing the best Palliative Care service on the Bellarine.

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