Board Summary July 26, 2018

Board Summary July 26, 2018

Present: Margaret Belfrage (Chair); Fay Agterhuis (Deputy Chair & Special Projects); Adam Murray (Finance & Audit); Damon Burn (Quality, Safety & Risk); Ms Kristina Dimasi; Marion Westrup; Shane Dawson (CEO)
Apologies: Tim Walsh

Chair’s Report
The Board accepted the Chair’s Report.

CEO Organisational Report
The Board accepted the CEO’s Report which included: update on the work to review the BCH Constitution and to progress the privatisation mechanism; plans to launch the Strategic Plan and new logo; submissions for grants; CEO engagement activity; and new staff members.

Board Committee Reports
The Board accepted reports from the Financial & Audit Committee, the Quality, Safety & Risk Committee, and the Special Projects Committee. Potential changes to Board processes due to the new Website were discussed. The Quality, Safety & Risk Committee updated the Board re current risks and risk management. The Special Projects Committee updated the Board on work to upgrade the ETUs.

Media and Community Engagement Reports
The Community and Consumer Advisory Group (CCAG) submitted a report on: success of recent training; the recent Community Conversations; and the ongoing work to develop CCAG.

Board Governance
One Board Policy was updated, and opportunities for Director development presented. Work to upgrade the Director Induction procedure was noted as on-going.

Correspondence noted, no action required
No membership applications
Next Meeting 30 August 2018

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