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Home Care

Our aim at Bellarine Community Health is to help you stay in your own home and stay connected with your family and community.

Home Care Packages are about you and what you want to stay safe and well in your community.  

The Federal Government provides a subsidy to an approved provider (Bellarine Community Health) to provide long term support for generally older people who want to stay living at home.

A case manager provides the link for you to access the services and support that you want.

As your local provider of health care services we can assist you to maintain your independence and are here to listen to what matters to you.

We have years of experience in working with clients with Home Care Packages on the Bellarine Peninsula and Greater City of Geelong making sure clients get the services they need.

My Aged Care is now the government gateway for all aged care needs in Australia.

At Bellarine Community Health we are always available to help you navigate the aged care system and provide general assistance as well – we are only a telephone call away 


Telephone: (03) 5258 0812


  • How do I get a package

    To find out if you are eligible for a Home Care Package you will need to telephone My Aged Care on 1800 200 422, alternatively you can speak to your GP who can refer you directly for an Aged Care Assessment.

    If you contact My Aged Care you will be asked a series of questions to determine if you are eligible for a more comprehensive assessment by an Aged Care Assessment Service that approves Home Care Packages.

    The Barwon Aged Care Assessment Service will contact you to make an appointment to visit you in your home and ask some questions about how you are managing in your day to day life. You will have to agree to the Aged Care Assessment.

    There is no cost to the Assessment. The Assessment will determine the level of care package you are eligible for.

    There are 4 different package levels that are made up of dollars that you can use to buy care, services and items to meet your care and support needs.

  • What does it cost

    There are four levels of Home Care Packages that the Federal Government provides funding for to meet different levels of independence and care requirements.

    Your funding level will be determined through an Aged Care Assessment as part of the Home Care Package application process.

    You may be asked to pay something towards the cost of a Home Care Package, depending on your income and assets. The amount will be determined through an assessment by Centrelink, known as an Aged Care Fees Income Assessment. 

    You may also be asked to pay a Basic Daily Fee, but this is negotiable.

     The Australian Government's My Aged Care website provides a fee estimator that will assist you to find out what you may be asked to pay towards your care.

    If you are on a full Aged Pension you will not be asked to pay an Income Tested Care Fee. 

    Click on the link to go to the My Aged Care website. 

    You can also financially top up your home care package if the care you require is above your budget from the Home Care Package.

    If you do not use all the money in your budget – it will accumulate over time and if you do need something special then that money will be available to you.

    We will provide you with a budget and monthly statement to show the income into the Home Care Package (from the government and yourself) and the money taken from your budget for the care and support you have received.

    As part of the Home Care Package there will be administrative fees and case management fees that come out of your budget.

    Please feel free telephone us to discuss these costs further. Telephone: 03 5258 0812  

  • What services can I get

    You choose the services that meet your own individual needs. What is going to make a difference to your life and help you stay independent in your own home?

    Your needs may change over time and your services, service providers or carers can change with you.

    These things will impact on what you will be able to purchase with your Home Care Package:

    • the cost of the service required
    • how much you contribute to the Home Care Package
    • how much case management you may want
    • the administration fee from the Provider

    Some of your services may include:

    • Personal services such as assistance with showering, dressing, medications
    • Household tasks,meal preparation and assistance with your diet, nutrition and hydration
    • Continence management
    • Transport to appointments, or to provide assistance with shopping, paying bills or transport to social activities
    • Nursing care, allied health and other clinical services
    • Personal alarm monitoring, home and garden maintenance
    • Assistance with accessing social and recreational activities
    • Respite care in the home or community

    We can even help you with support for your loved pet.

    Think about the services you need that will maintain and improve your health and wellbeing, improve your quality of life, help you to stay independent and stay connected with your family, culture or community.

    Be as creative as you want!

  • Is there a waitlist

    There is a national waitlist managed by the Australian Government. Once have undergone your Aged Care Assessment and the level of care you are eligible for has been determined, you will be placed on the national waitlist.

    When a Home Care Package becomes available you will be sent a letter by the Federal Government.

    The letter will include:

    • the details (level) of the Home Care Package that you have been assigned
    • a unique referral code that you give to the service provider to access your client information from the  My Aged Care system
    • the date you need to enter into a Home Care Agreement with a provider of your choice to prevent your Home Care Package being withdrawn (56 days)

    Once you receive this letter you then approach the provider of your choice with your unique code and that starts the process of getting you the services you need to maintain your life at home and in the community.

    Make Bellarine Community Health your provider of choice!

    Contact details

    Telephone: 03 52580812


  • About Bellarine Community Health

    We provide a very personal service that supports your choices, and supports flexibility and control over the design of your Home Care Package.

    We provide you with flexibility and choice.We have a long history of providing services particularly across the Bellarine Peninsula.

    Our Home Care Package case managers are tertiary qualified health professionals experienced in helping you to achieve the things that are important to you.

    They have extensive experience in working with older people and with people with dementia. Bellarine Community Health actively supports clients with dementia and memory loss to live well at home and in the community through a diverse number of programs.

    A case manager will work with you as often or as little as you want and the cost of your case manager is included in your Home Care Package.

    The case manager is there to listen to what matters to you and then to help coordinate and source the services that are important to you.

    At Bellarine Community Health we are not locked into to any service provider we are able to find the service that will best suit your needs.

    We will support you to stay active, involved and doing as much for yourself as possible as this is proven to help people to stay more independent with a greater sense of wellbeing.

    If you have a pet we will work with you to support the pet continuing to provide the pleasure it already does. We understand how important pets are to your general wellbeing and we have the resources to connect your pet to the support and resources it may need as you both age.

    We pride ourselves on making an individual connection with you and your family to make sure we build on your strengths.

    Services provided by Bellarine Community Health are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    During Office Hours (0830-1630) the telephone will be answered usually by a case manager and if you are directed to the message bank you will be called back as soon as possible.

    You are welcome to email as well.

    Bellarine District Nursing service provide an on call after hours support service for us to take messages from clients/family/service providers and provide advice where required.

    Bellarine Community Health is the largest provider of services on the Bellarine Peninsula with a physical presence in Point Lonsdale, Ocean Grove, Portarlington and Drysdale.

  • Subsidies Fees Charges

    To find out more about Government subsidies, fees and charges download our brochure below.

  • Download our brochure

    For more information about Home Care Packages download our brochure below.

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