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Adults and Children (under 12 years)

Phone 5258 0812  or email

Young People (12 - 25 years)

Phone 5253 0400  or email

Dental Appointments

Phone 5258 0828 or email

Home Care Packages

Phone 5258 0812 or email

When you ring for an appointment, our Intake Team will guide you through a series of questions to understand your needs, determine your priority for services or refer you to a more suitable service. Our health centre can be very busy at times, so please leave a message if directed.  We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Waiting periods sometimes apply to some services. If your problem is urgent, please let the Intake Team know and they will discuss options with you.

Emergency - Phone  000

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Bellarine Community Health does not provide emergency services. Phone 000 for ambulance for emergencies. Attend the emergency department in Geelong or your local doctor for medical attention.

The closest emergency admissions hospitals are in Geelong.

University Hospital Barwon Health   Ryrie Street Emergency Entrance

St John of God Hospital (fees apply)  via the Hospital Main Entrance at 80 Myers St

Need a Translator? Phone 5258 0812

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German - Deutsch

Bitte klingeln 5258 0812 um einen Dolmetscher zu vereinbaren

Italian- Italiano

Si prega di anello 5258 0812 per disporre di un interprete

Greek- Ελληνικά

Παρακαλούμε δακτυλίων 5258 0812 για να τακτοποιήσετε διερμηνέα

Make a Self-Referral

You can make a self referral to Bellarine Community Health. To ensure we process your referral appropriately, please fill in as much information as you can and our administration team will get back to as soon as possible. If your referral is urgent please call us on 03 5258 0812

Click Here for Youth Referral Form