Community Participation

Client, Carer and Community Registry

The Client, Carer and Community (CCC) registry is a database of service users or community members who want to get involved but don't want to be on a formal committee. 

People on the consumer register can choose how often they want to be involved and the topics they want to be contacted about, such as:

    • Developing and reviewing patient information publications
    • Reviewing safety and quality performance and developing improvements
    • Training staff around client and carer needs
    • Reviewing patient feedback

Client, Carer and Community Representatives

Client, Carer and Community (CCC)  Representatives are a way to integrate client, carer and community views into the organisation’s strategic discussion and decision making via a formal committees or a project groups.

Bellarine Community Health has CCC representative positions on the Board Quality and Safety Committee and the Operational Quality and Safety Committee.

The CCC representative does not need to have special skills and is not expected to represent all CCC needs.  Their expertise is in bringing their own experience or fresh perspectives to support discussion and decision making to consider consumer needs. The CCC representative is not appointed to represent a single interest or organisation. 

For more information, please contact the Community Services Coordinator on (03) 5258 0874 or