Healthy Communities


Healthy and Connected Communities Team

The Healthy and Connected Communities Team works with the community to improve health and prevent people from becoming ill. This is called health promotion. Our team focuses on creating towns that make it easy to be healthy. 

We work across the entire Bellarine Peninsula. There is a special focus on Portarlington, Indented Head and St Leonards, where health needs are greatest.  

Our projects involve making it easier for everyone to walk, cycle, eat well and prevent violence against women.

Eating Well

Eating well keeps us healthy.  There are many reasons people find it hard to eat well and many ways to make it easier.

We are working with others in our community on projects that will make it easier for people on the Bellarine Peninsula to:

  • Eat enough vegetables
  • Drink enough water
  • Drink less sugary drinks

We support local community-led projects, like:

  • Portarlington Food Assistance Program
  • Port Produce Market

Eating well is more important now than ever. BCH's Healthy & Connected Communities team has brought together some useful resources and links to support families on the Bellarine to eat well at home. 

The new online hub includes info sheets, recipes, videos and resources, including a handy meal planner

You can find the Eat Well at Home on the Bellarine online hub, here

Choose Water Every Day Activity Sheets:

For a bit of holiday, weekend or afternoon fun, download our Choose Water Every Day activity sheets – fun for the whole family!

CWED Puzzle Sheet

CWED Draw your own Water Adventure Sheet

CWED Colour-in Sheet

Hyrdration Creation Activity Sheet

Bellarine Healthy Catering Guide

Bellarine Community Health has developed a Guide to help workplaces, schools, kinders and groups across the Bellarine Peninsula choose healthier catering options for meetings and events. This booklet will provide you with local healthy catering options. To download a copy of the Bellarine Healthy Catering Guide click here

Eating Vegetables Guide

Being Active

Being active keeps us healthy. We are working toward making it easier for everyone to be active in their everyday lifestyle.

We support local community groups like;

  • Northern Bellarine Transport Action Group
  • Bellarine Bicycle Users' Group
  • Locomote walking action group

Easy Walking, Bike Riding and Public Transport

We're working with others to improve footpaths, bike paths and public transport to make it easier, safer and more enjoyable to get around without a car.

Women and Girls in Sports
Playing sport is a great way to be more active and meet new people in our community. Currently, more men and boys play sport than women and girls for a number of reasons. We are working with others to make it easier for women and girls that play sport, by making sure sporting clubs across the Bellarine are welcoming and inviting for women and girls of all ages and sporting abilities.

Healthy Places

We work with childcare settings, kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools across the Bellarine Peninsula to help make them healthy places for our children and young people.

This involves making changes such as healthy lunchboxes and canteen menus and meeting the benchmarks of the Achievement Program*. We are working toward this goal for our workplace too. To find out more about the Achievement Program, click here.

*The Achievement Program is supported by the Victorian Government and delivered by Cancer Council Victoria.

Prevention of Violence Against Women

Violence against women is a health issue with wide range and long-lasting effects. Preventing violence against women means stopping it from happening in the first place. To do this, we are creating a whole community where men and women are equal. We are doing this by running programs and campaigns, changing things like rules and guidelines and helping people to understand the issue. We need to make sure the change happens everywhere so we are working with others in our workplace, schools, sporting clubs and other places where people come together. This will help to create a health and safe culture for all.

As part of our work in prevention of violence against women, we are working with other health services to make changes across our whole region. Taking some of the same actions helps the change to happen everywhere. We have worked with other health services to create a toolkit of key messages to help everyone share information about gender equality and violence against women, called A health literate message toolkit

Download the toolkit here.

Contact Us

If you want to know more about the Healthy and Connected Communities Team or any of our projects we would love to hear from you. Please call 1800 007 224 or email