Workplace Giving

Give the equivalent to one coffee a week

Employees can make small, regular donations to Bellarine Community Health through their pre-tax pay. Workplace giving is a win-win solution as it gives employees a tax-effective way of donating to charity, increases engagement and social impact of the business, and ensures regular funds for Bellarine Community Health and those it supports.

To set up payroll giving, simply email to obtain our bank deposit details and get started today. 

As an employee, you can request a donation be made to Bellarine Community Health through your payroll officers.  

As an employer, you can highlight Bellarine Community Health as a preferred charity for your employees. Click here to learn how. To increase your organisations impact, you can set up a program to match your employees’ contributions and show them you also support the community. We are also registered with Good2Give to assist you with your philanthropic efforts. Simply click here for more information.

Bellarine Community Health thanks all those who donate and support the significant difference that can be made to those living in the region.